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[ENG] Account management CiAMS Mobile App

I. Installation and Login

1. Installing the asset management application: Users can install the application on two operating systems, Android and iOS.

  • Link to install the application on Android operating system:

  • Link to install the application on iOS operating system:

2. Login

  • Purpose: To allow users to log in to the system with the provided account and password.

  • Steps:

Step 1: Access the downloaded application as instructed above.

Step 2: Enter the name of the organization that the user is working for.

Step 3: Enter the user's account information and provided password.

After successful account verification, the system will redirect the user to the homepage.

Step 4: Select the Mobile-CiAMS application to use.

II. Profile

  1. Change password

  2. Change language

  3. Log out

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