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[ENG] Asset Models

Screen Name

Asset Models

Login – Asset Management – Asset Models


The screen manages the entire list of asset model information of the facility


Fields Description

I. Filter and search asset models

  • Search function: Users can enter search information in the search box and search by "code" or "name".

  • Assets Category

  • Equipment

  • Add filter: In addition to the default filter conditions, users can add other filter conditions to make it more convenient to search for information.

II. The fields for asset models information


  • Click on "Display" to tick the fields of information that the user wants to show

  • Click on "Group by" to view assets by asset groups

 III. The main functions


  • (1) View detailed information about an Asset Models

  • (2) Edit: To edit an asset model, users can edit the name, Assets Category, Assets Model Template and Description...


  • (3) Delete:

    • How to delete an asset model:

    • To delete multiple asset model at once, users can follow these steps

  • (4) Import: To upload a new file to create multiple asset model, user click on “Import

  • (5) Export: To download asset model files, users can use the download feature to export all detailed asset model information in an Excel file format. The system will send the file to the user's email address and also send the file to the notification bar.

  • (6) Create: To create a new asset model, follow these steps:

    • On the asset list screen, select "Create" from the Content menu.

    • Fill out all the required fields marked with an asterisk.

    • Click "Save" to create the new asset model




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