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[ENG] Asset Reports List

Screen Name

Asset Reports List

Login – Asset Management – Asset Reports – Asset Reports List


Report reflects the status of all assets of the facility.


Fields Description

I. Filter and search for asset reports

  • Organization: Search by facility or department within the facility

  • Asset Category: Select the asset group codes to search for

  • Report level: Choose to search for reports by region, property or department

  • Clear all: Remove all previously selected filter conditions

II. Depreciation Chart

The state depreciation chart shows the total number of assets of the facility calculated as a percentage of the depreciation status (Draft, Running, Closed) of the assets.

III. Asset detail report

  • Search box: Enter Asset name, asset code to search

  • Export: To download data in Excel

  • Click on "Display" to tick the fields of information that the user wants to show



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