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[ENG] Fault Group

Screen Name

Fault Group

Open Link)

Login – Faul Management – Configuration – Fault Group


Display screen and management of the entire fault group applied at the facility


Fields Description

  • (1) Create Fault Group

    • All required fields must be filled out before selecting "Save"

 (2) Export: Click Export to download the entire fault grouping in Excel file format


  • (3) Import: When creating a batch of fault groupings, users can use the upload function

    • At the fault group screen, select 'import'

    • Choose "Download template file" to download the import file template. Fill out all required fields marked in red in the template file. Select "Select File" to import the completed file into the system. After importing, the system will send a notification with the result so that users can easily check for errors and make any necessary changes to the file before importing again.

  • (4) Edit Fault Group: When users need to update information in previously created fault groups, select edit to update.

  • (5) Delete: To delete the fault group that is no longer in use



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