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[ENG] Goods Document Report

Screen Name

Goods Document Report

Login – Inventory - Inventory report – Goods Document Report


Display and manage information on inventory requests within the selected time period, along with the quantity, request code, and product name.



Fields Description

I. Filter and search Goods Document Report

  • Status: Select a pre-configured status (Import/Export Request - On Hold/Completed/Cancelled Export/Waiting for Import/Rejected Import).

  • Issue/Receipt Date: Select the time period when the import/export request was created.

  • Product: Select products that are synchronized in the Product List.

  • Work Center: Select departments that are mapped to the location.

  • Warehouse: Select warehouses that are configured in the Warehouse List.

II. Goods Document Detail Report

  • Material code: The material code that is synchronized in the Product List.

  • Material name: The material name that is synchronized in the Product List.

  • Warehouse: The warehouse that is configured in the Warehouse List and contains the goods to be imported/exported.

  • Good Issue/Receipt No: The code generated when creating an import/export request.

  • Unit of measure: The unit of measure.

  • Source document: The work order code that the user creates the import/export request for.

  • Work center: The department that creates the import/export request.

  • Requested quantity: The quantity that the user requests to export.

  • Used quantity: The quantity that the user uses to repair for PGV.

  • Returned Quantity: The quantity of excess material that the user returns to the warehouse.

  • Status: The status of the import/export request.

  • Issue/Receipt Date: The date when the user performs the import/export operation.

  • Author: The user information who creates the import/export request.

  • Click on "Display" to tick the fields of information that the user wants to show

  • Export: The system allows users to download all detailed information in an Excel file format. The system will send the file to the user's email address and also to the notification bar.



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