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[Eng] Allotment Monitor

Screen Name

Allotment Monitor

Log in – Application – Rate Service Management – Allotment Monitor


The screen provides an overview of the allotment by zone.


Fields Description

Allotment Monitor allows you to view the number of rooms on 3 levels:

  • Allotment type:

    • Soft Allotment: Inventory is not deducted by default and only deducted when there is a reservation

    • Hard block: Inventory is deducted immediately from the system when the allotment is created

    • Group Booking: Inventory reserved for the group reservation

  • Allotment Group: Allotment Group that are configured in the system

  • Allotment Code: Allotment - DC in the Allotment Group

[Displayed Info]

  • Select Property: Select the property that you want to view the allotment

  • Group by: Allows viewing by day or month.

  • Distribution Channel: Filter by distribution channel.

  • Zone: Select the zone

    • Select All: Select all the zones of the hotel

    • Hotel: Only displays the allotment for Hotel room

    • Villa: Only displays the allotment for Villa room

  • Display:

    • Limit: Maximum number of rooms that are available to sell by zone

    • Deducted: Number of rooms that are deducted from the inventory

    • Pick up: Number of reservations

  • Summary: Summary for all allotments in the list



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