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[Eng] Allotment of DC

Screen Name

Allotment DC

Log in – Rate Service Management – Allotment – Tab Allotment - Select Allotment Group


The screen allows you to configure the allotment for each DC


Fields Description

1. Create Allotment for DC

Identify the allotment that you want to create is included in which Allotment Group, add the DC for this Allotment Group.

2. Remove Allotment from DC

Select the Trash icon on the allotment row to remove it from the DC.

3. [Tab Info] - Update the allotment

Select the Edit icon to update the details of the allotment.

3.1. Update the details info

  • Name: Name of the allotment

  • Default Limit of Villa/Day: Default number of villa rooms that are available to sell in 1 day

  • Default Limit of Hotel/Day: Default number of hotel rooms that are available to sell in 1 day

  • From Date: Effective from date of the allotment

  • To Date: Effective end date of the allotment

  • Select Update to save the information

  • Select Cancel to skip the changes

3.2. Config Rate for allotment

  • Select the Rate Code to add to the allotment

  • Select Submit to save the configuration

  • Select Cancel to skip the changes

4. [Tab Details Config] - Configure the details of Allotment

4.1. Configure the Cut Off Days

Note: The reservations are made only when the reservation date < check in - cut off day.

Select the icon Quick Update on the Cut Off Day.

  • Cut Off Day: Enter the cut of date

  • By Season: Select this option to apply the Cut Off Day by season

  • By Range of date: Select this option to apply the Cut Off Day by date range

  • Save: Save the changes

  • Cancel: Skip the changes

4.2. Configure the Max Villa/Hotel/Room Type Number

You can set the restriction by 2 levels:

  1. By Max Villa/Hotel Number:

  • Max Villa/Hotel Number: Maximum number of Villa/Hotel rooms

  • Date: Select the applied date

  • Select Save to save the configuration of Max Villa/Hotel Number

2. By room type

Select Update Details to create a new row for allotment by room type

Enter the following information:

  • Max Number of Room: Maximum number of rooms that are available to sell

  • Date: Applied date range

  • Day of Week: Select the days in the week

  • Add Date Range: Add a new date range

  • Room Type: Select the room types to apply

  • Select Save to save the configuration

4.3. Remove a configuration for allotment DC

  • Hover on the cell and select the Remove icon

4.4. Quick update detail of the allotment DC

Select the Quick Update icon after the room type to update the details.

4.5. Filters

  • Filter by room type(s)

  • Clear all filters



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