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[Eng] ARI (Availability, Restrictions, and Inventory)

Screen Name

ARI (Availability, Restrictions, and Inventory)

Log in – Application – Rate Service Management – Setting – ARI


The screen allows you to verify the synchronization of inventory between the Rate Service and other integration systems.


Fields Description

  • Generated Date Range: Date when the ARI is triggered

  • Room Type: Room Type on this the ARI is triggered

  • Rate Plan: Rate Plan on this the ARI is triggered

  • Distribution Channel: Channel that requested the ARI

  • Staying Date Range: Staying Date in the ARI request

  • Type: Type of ARI

    • Availability: the requests related to the change in the inventory

    • Rate: the requests related to the change in the price

  • Source: Source of the ARI

    • Group Booking Change Status/Create Detail/Cut Off/Update Detail: changes on the Group Booking

    • Hard block Cut Off/Update Detail: changes on the Hard Block

    • Init Availability/Rate: Initial inventory/Rate code that is sent to the Channel Manager

    • Inventory Change: Change in the inventory

    • Max/Min LOS: Maximum/Minimum Length of Stay

    • Open Sell: Open Sell restriction

    • OPERA Sync: Sync status with OPERA PMS

    • Rate Strategy Open/Stop Sell

    • Remove DC Room: Remove room from DC

    • Restriction: Changes in the restriction

    • Set DC Room: Set DC for room

    • Set Sell Limit: Set the maximum number of rooms available to sell

    • Stop Sell: Stop Sell restriction

  • Status: Process send ARI to Channel Manager

    • Pending: Rate Service send ARI to CM and waiting for the response from CM

    • Confirm: CM confirm receiving ARI from Rate Service

    • Deleted: CM updated ARI on the system and synchronized on other connected channels.

Update results

  • From To: Staying when the changes happen

  • Weekday: Days of the week

  • Type: Type of ARI

  • Source: Source of ARI

  • Rate plan: Rate Plan in the ARI request

  • Room Type: Room Type in the ARI request

  • Distribution Channel

  • Status: Status sending ARI to CM

  • Message: Content ARI message

  • Generated at: Date Time when the ARI is triggered

  • Updated at: Date Time when the ARI is updated



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