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[Eng] Cancel Reservation

Screen Name

Cancel Reservation

1. Log in – Front Office – Reservation – Tab Unassigned & Arrival – Select a reservation – Select “Cancel Reservation


2. From Confirmation Detail – Select “Cancel Reservation


Allows to cancel a reservation.


Fields Description

Provide the following information to cancel a reservation

  • Cancellation fee: The cancellation fee that the guest should pay. The default fee is equal to the total amount of the booking.

  • Reason: Select the reason for this cancellation.

  • Reference: Reference note for this cancellation.

Select “Accept“ to confirm the cancellation. The reservation that has been canceled will change the status to “Canceled“.

[Tab Canceled] – List of canceled reservations

  • IT No.: Itinerary Number, links you to the itinerary details page.

  • Conf. No.: Confirmation Number, links you to the confirmation details page.

  • Guest Name: Name of the guest, links you to the Profile details page.

  • Persons: Number of guests in the reservation.

  • T.Agent: Name of Travel Agent.

  • Company: Name of Company.

  • Canceled at: Date & Time when the reservation is canceled.

  • Reason: Reason why the reservation is canceled.

  • Reference: Reference text of the cancelation.

  • Block Code: Code of the Group reservation.


  1. The cancellation is only applied for the reservations having the balance = 0

  2. The cancellation is only applied for the reservations having status = Reserved

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