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[Eng] Checkout Booking

Screen Name

Checkout Booking

Log in – Front Office – E-Invoice – Checkout Booking

Log in – Applications – PMS EInvoice – Checkout Booking


The screen allows you to manage the e-invoices issued for the property.


Fields Description

[Checked out reservation] – List of checked-out booking that need to issue the invoice

  • 🔲: Select the list of reservations that you want to issue the invoice

  • Confirmation: Confirmation of the reservation

  • Remaining Revenue: Remaining amount on the folio

  • Folio: Name of the main guest on the folio

  • Arrival Date: Arrival date of the reservation

  • Plan Departure Date: Expected Departure date of the reservation

  • Checked Out At: Actual checked out date of the reservation

  • Total Amount Can Invoice: Total amount to invoice

  • Total Invoiced Amount: Total amount that has been already issued

  • Remaining Amount: Remaining amount to invoice

  • Actual Remaining Amount: Actual remaining amount to invoice

[Invoices] – List of issued invoices



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