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[Eng] Combo Category

Screen Name

Combo Category

Log in – Application – Rate Service Management – Setting – Combo Category


The screen allows you to manage the combo-category used for the mapping between Profile, Rate Plan, and Allotment.


Fields Description

View List of Combo Category

  • Create: Create a new category

  • Code & Name: Code and name of the category

  • Category Group: 3 available groups: Profile, Rate Plan, Allotment

  • Description: Description of the category

  • Action:

    • Edit: Edit the details of the Category

    • Delete: Delete the Category

Create Combo Category

Select Create to add a new combo.

Enter the following information:

  • Code: Code of the combo (generated automatically)

  • Name: Name of the combo (generated automatically)

  • Type: Select between 3 types: Profile, Rate Plan, Allotment

  • Category 1: Category of group Region/Property. Only select this category if the Type is Allotment or Profile

  • Category 2: Category of group TA/Com

  • Category 3: Category of group Contract/Campaign. Only select this category if the Type is Allotment or Rate Plan

  • Description: Description of the category

Select Create to add the Combo Category or Cancel to skip the creation.

Update Combo Category

Select the Edit icon to update the Combo Category

The system only allows you to edit Category 1, 2, 3 according to the Type and Description.

When editing the Category, the Code and Name will be also updated.

Select Update to save the changes or Cancel to skip.

Delete Combo Category

Select the Trash icon to remove the category.

Select Confirm to remove or Cancel to skip.


You cannot remove a combo category that has been already assigned to the Rate Plan, Profile, Allotment Group/Allotment.

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