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[Eng] Create invoice

Screen Name

Create invoice

Log in – Front Office – Invoice – Create Invoice

Log in – PMS EInvoice – Create Invoice


Create a new e-invoice


Fields Description

[Transactions] – List of transactions to invoice

  • #: Order number

  • Confirmation: Confirmation of the reservation

  • Folio: Name of the main guest on the folio

  • Date: Arrival Date of the reservation

  • Transaction Number: Number of the transaction

  • Transaction Account Code: Account code of the transaction

  • Amount: Posting amount

  • VAT: %VAT

  • Description: Description of the transaction

  • Check number: Check number on the bill posted from the POS

Steps to create a new invoice

  • Guest: Information about the guest

  • Company: Select the Company that you want to issue the invoice

  • Address: Address of the Company

  • Tax No: Tax Number of the Company

  • Phone: Phone Number of the Company

  • Email: Email address to send the invoice

  • Payment Method: Method of the payment

  • Invoice Date: Date when issue the invoice

  • Description: Description to put on the invoice

  • Reference: Reference information if any


  • Be attention to not enter the space character before and after the input field, if not, the invoice cannot be issued.

  • You are recommended to use the screen "Transactions in detail" to filter the VAT and proceed issuing the invoice. Only use the screen "Transaction" when you know exactly the VAT of the transactions that you want to issue.

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