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[Eng] Create Laundry Request

Screen Name

Create Task

Log in – Laundry Management – Task Management – Select “Create Task


The screen allows you to create a new laundry request.


Fields Description

[General Information]

Enter the following information:

  • Status: Status of the request, default is New.

  • Assignee: Select the assignee from the list of employees

  • Confirmation number: Enter the confirmation number of the reservation

  • Area: Room Number

  • Guest Name: Name of the guest

  • Special Request: Special requests from the guest (if any)

[Item Information] – Details of the items and price

  • Service Type:

o Regular: Receive before 10AM and return on the same day. If the items are received after 10AM, the items will be returned before 6PM the next day.

o Express before 4 Hours: Available from 6AM to 6PM. The items will be returned within 3 hours with a surcharge of 100%.

  • Discount Code: Select from the discount codes list of values

  • Services of Laundry: Select the services from the pre-configured list

  • Details of items:

    • #: Order number

    • Item: Name of the item

    • Job: Select the laundry job

    • Quantity: Enter the quantity of item

    • Price: Unit price of the laundry item. The price is calculated automatically by the system based on the laundry job

    • Total x Service

    • Discount: Discount amount (if you select a discount code)

    • Total Remaining: Total price - Discount amount

    • Action

      • Add Item: Add a new item

  • Extra Information


You can also attach photos of the laundry items when receiving and returning the items.

[Job Information] - Details of the laundry job

  • SLA: Commitment time of the laundry job (by minutes).

  • Created Date: Date of the request

  • Priority: Priority of the job

  • Due Date: Due Date to return laundry to guests

  • Notes: The notes are filled by default by the system

  • E-Signature: Signature of the guest (can be replace by Laundry /Dry-cleaning/Pressing Invoice that are already signed off at the guest’s room)



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