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[Eng] Create Property

Screen Name

Create Property

Log in – Admin Setting – Properties – Select “Create”


The feature allows you to create a new property in the chain.


Fields Description

[Basic Information] – (1)

  • Logo: Logo of the property

  • Status: Active/Inactive

  • Chains: Select the chain that the property is a part of

  • UTC: Time zone

  • Hotel Type: Select type of property

  • Code: Code of the property

  • Star *: Ranking of the property

  • Name: Name of the property

  • Hotline: Hotline of the property

  • Phone: Phone number of the property

  • Begin Date: Date when the property is operated

  • Region: Region where the property is located

  • Description: Description of the property

[Address Information] – (2)

  • Country: Select from the Countries list of values

  • Province: Select from the Provinces list of values

  • City: Enter the City

  • Street: Enter the Street name

  • Postal Code: Enter the Postal Code

  • Location On Map: Location of the property on the map

[Booking Information] – (3)

  • Age Range: Age Range of the guests that will be allowed to check-in the property

  • TripAdvisor: Link of the property on TripAdvisor platform

  • Check-in Description: Description of check-in information according to the hotel’s regulations

  • Check-out Description: Description of check-out information according to the hotel’s regulations

  • Term and Condition: Other term and condition of the property

  • Email Contact: Email of the reservation department

  • Direction Note: Note if any

  • Email Image: Icon mail

[Extended Information] – (4)

  • Currency: Default currency of the property

  • Check-in Time: Default Check-in Time

  • Check-out Time: Default Check-out Time

  • Thousand Delimiter: Use a comma to separate groups of thousands

  • Rounding Type

  • Allowed Decimal

  • Negative Display Type

[Media Information] – (5)

You can upload photos or videos about the property to illustrate.

[Hotel Feature] – (6)

  • Hotel Feature: Select the available room features for the property

  • Tags: Use the tag to group the properties having the same characteristic

[Payment Information] – (7)

  • Payment Method: Select the methods of payment applied in the property

  • Payment Card Type: Select the types of cards allowed in the property

[Bank Information] – (8)

  • Beneficiary

  • Account Number

  • Bank Name

  • Bank Address

  • Swift Code

  • Tax Number

[Property Contact] – (9)

  • General Director Name: Name of the General director

  • General Director Email: Email of the General director

  • General Director Phone: Phone Number of the General director



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