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[Eng] Cross-posting Property

Screen Name

Cross-posting Property

Log in – Configurations - Trx Code Settings - Cross-posting Property


This screen allows to manage list of cross-posting property


Fields Description

The cross-posting property screen is made up by following sections:

  • Property: Name of property that guests can use service and room charge to their in-house room (at another property)

  • Cross-posting:

    • Yes: Allows to post charge to in-house room at another property by recording in pseudo room

    • No: Not allows to post charge

  • Pseudo Room: Pseudo room number that transactions would be posted to.

  • Action:

    • Edit: Click to edit property

    • Delete: Click to delete

Do the following step to add new cross-posting property

Click Add and enter following information:

  • Property

  • Cross-posting: Yes/ No

  • Room Type: Auto sync from list of pseudo rooms in property management.

  • Room Number: displays as filtered room type



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