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[Eng] Discounts Summary

Screen Name

Discount Summary

Log in – Configurations - Reports - Discount - Discount Summary


The screen displays summary applied discounts


Fields Description


  • Filter by outlet (All Outlets will be displayed by default)

  • Filter by business Date

  • Filter by transaction date (normal date from 00:00 to 23:59 )

    • Date Time is only filtered by either one: Business Date or The System Date Time (Start Date Time + End Date Time)

    • By default, screen displays data of Transaction Date Yesterday

  • Filter by discount:

    • Fix value

    • Open value

Report template

  • The report can be exported according to the selected filter in excel format by clicking the Export button.

  • Click discount type to see the details

  • Fields description:

    • Total Check: Total orders by selected filter

    • Checks Discounted: Total discounted orders

    • % Checks Discounted: Percentage of discounted orders to the total orders

    • Gross Sales: Pre-discount value of orders

    • % Discount Off Gross Sales: Percentage of discount value to total pre-discount value of orders

    • Discount Name: Names of discounts that have been applied

    • Discount Amount: Corresponding discount value (configured in Configurations >> Discounts):

      • The value can be % or amount for fix discounts

      • Blank value for Open discount categories

    • Total: Total discounted value

    • Count: Number of orders to be applied this discount

    • Average: The average discount value of this type of discount per order



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