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[Eng] Edit Reservation in Group

Screen Name


Log in - Front Office - Group Reservation - Select a group and select “Edit” - Select Tab Reservation


The screen allows you to edit the details of a reservation in a group.


Fields Description

List of reservations:

  • Conf. No.: Confirmation Number assigned to the reservation

  • Name: Name of the Guest

  • Arrival: Arrival Date assigned to the reservation

  • Departure: Departure Date assigned to the reservation

  • Prs: Number of guests in the room

  • Room: Room Number assigned to the reservation

  • Rate Code: Rate code attached to the reservation

  • Amount: Total amount of the reservation

  • Status: Status of the reservation


  • Amend Rate code: Amend the Rate Code of the reservation by stay date

    • Date Range: Select the Date Range to apply the rate

    • Occupancy: Select the number of guests

    • Rate Code: Select the rate code that you want to amend

    • Click Next to confirm the amendment

  • Create Transportation: Create a new transportation task to pick up guests

  • Generate reservations: Auto-generate the reservations in the group following the pre-selected criteria

    • (1) Select the number of adults, children, infants to create the reservations in the group

    • (2) Search Rate: Select the button “Search Rate” to look up the pre-configured rate code for this group

    • (3) Select the rate code and room type for this group

    • (4) Add room rate: Select the button “Add room rate” to add the reservation into the group

    • (5) Select “Submit” to confirm generating the reservations

  • Add new: Add manually a reservation into the group

  • Import booking: Import the reservations from a template

  • Import rooming list: Generate the reservations from a rooming list template

  • Export Rooming List: Export the rooming list

  • Bulk update reservation: Bulk update the arrival/departure date and the rate code of a list of reservations

    • 1 Select the reservations that you want to update

    • 2 Select the button “Bulk Update Reservation”

    • 3

      • (1) Select the radio button “Reservation Detail” to update the arrival/departure date of the reservations

      • (2) Select the Arrival Date/Departure Date

      • (3) Select OK to confirm the action

    • 4

      • (1) Select the radio button “Rate Code” to update the rate code of the reservations

      • (2) Select the new Rate code

      • (3) Select OK to confirm the action



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