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[Eng] Finance - Profile Production Forecast

Report Name

Profile Production Forecast

Log in – Front Office – BI Reports – Finance – Profile Production Forecast

Report Summary

The report provides the forecast on the revenue and operations indicators by profile and by date. You can filter the data by Guest, Company, or Travel Agent profile.


  • Business Date: Posting date of the transaction

  • Confirmation Number: Confirmation Number assigned to the reservation

  • Allotment: Code of the Group (in case of group reservation)

  • Arrival Date: Arrival Date assigned to the reservation

  • Departure Date: Departure Date assigned to the reservation

  • Room Revenue Net: Room Revenue (including service charge)

  • Food Revenue Net: Food and beverage Revenue (including service charge)

  • Other Revenue Net: Revenue from other services: Spa, Distraction, Transportation, etc. (including service charge)

  • Total Revenue Net: Total revenue of all services

  • Arrival Room: Number of arrival rooms

  • Arrival Person: Number of arrival guests

  • Stayed Room: Number of in-house rooms

  • Stay Adult: Number of in-house adults

  • Stay Child: Number of in-house children

  • Stay Person: Total number of persons

  • Travel Agent Name: Name of the Travel Agent

  • Company Name: Name of the Company

Refresh frequency

Every day at 7AM.



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