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[Eng] Finance - Rate Header

Report Name

Rate Header

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Report Summary

The report provides general information about the rate codes that are configured in the system.


  • Rate Code: Code of the rate package

  • Rate Name: Name of the rate package

  • Rate Type: Type of rate package

  • Last Generate Time: Last synchronization of the rate

  • Begin Sell Date: Begin Sell Date

  • End Sell Date: End Sell Date

  • Day Use: Indicate if the rate is used for day use booking

  • Market Code: Code of the market

  • Source Code: Code of the source of booking

  • Min LOS: Minimum length of stay

  • Max LOS: Maximum length of stay

  • Min ADV: Minimum advance booking

  • Max ADV: Maximum advance booking

  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellation policy

  • Parent Rate: Rate code of the parent rate

  • Package Code: Packages associated to the rate code

  • Room Types: Room Types

Refresh frequency

Every day at 7AM.



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