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[Eng] Finance - Transaction With Invoice

Report Name

Transaction With Invoice

Log in – Front Office – BI Reports – Finance – Transaction With Invoice

Report Summary

The report shows the details of the transactions incurred and the detailed information on the invoices.


  • Iti No.: Itinerary Number

  • Confirmation Number: Confirmation Number

  • Arrival Date: Arrival Date assigned to the reservation

  • Departure Date: Departure Date assigned to the reservation

  • Check out Date: Actual Check out Date

  • Folio No.: Folio Number

  • Full Name: First Name and Last Name

  • Room Number: Room Number assigned to the reservation

  • Business Date: Posting Date

  • TrxCode: Transaction code

  • Trx Desc.: Description of the transaction code

  • Amount: Posting amount

  • E-Invoice Status: Status of issuing invoice (issued = 1, not issued = 0)

  • Invoice No: Invoice Number

  • Invoice Date: Invoice Date

  • Confirm No.: Confirmation Number on the invoice

  • Folio No.: Folio Number on the invoice

  • Status: Status of the invoice

Refresh frequency

Every 3 hours. Start from 7AM.



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