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[Eng] FO Staff App Check-in all rooms

Screen Name


Log in – Reservation – Tab Arrival – Tab Details – Check-in


Function screen to perform check-in for all rooms in the same itinerary


Fields Description

[Check-in Individual Reservation]

  1. From the Manage Reservations screen (Reservation) – Tab Arrival:

  • Select itinerary code

From the Booking Details screen (Confirmation Detail) – Tab Detail:

  • Accessing the Itinerary Detail screen (Itinerary Detail)

  • Select assign all rooms (Assign all rooms)

  • Select the room to assign (See more in FO Staff App Room Assignment)

  • The system displays the Check-in All button after assigning a room

  • Select Check-in All

  • Screen shows check-in confirmation with room availability

  • Select Cancel to cancel

  • Select Check-in All to complete Check-in

  • Results screen after checking-in all rooms in the same itinerary


  1. Only booked reservations can perform check-in

  2. When checking-in, if the room has not been cleaned (status other than Inspected), the system will display a room status message. Users can still allow guests to check-in if they select “OK” or select “Cancel” to cancel the check-in operation.

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