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[Eng] Guest Profile

Screen Name

Guest Profile

Log in – Front Office – Profiles – Select “New Profile” – Select “Guest


The New Profile screen allows you to add a new profile. The screen differs depending on the type of profile you are selecting (Guest/Company/Travel Agent).


Fields Description

Enter the following information for individual guests:

  • Title: Select a courtesy greeting (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc.) from the Titles list of values.

  • Gender: Select from the Genders list of values.

  • Name: Enter the First name and Last name of guest.

  • DOB (Date of Birth): Enter the birthday from the calendar.

  • ID Card Type: Select from the Documents Type list of values.

  • ID Card Number: Enter the identity number (the system will verify and notify you if there is any duplication with an existing profile in the system).

  • Language: Select the guest’s preferred correspondence language. The default language is Vietnamese.

  • Vin ID: Account ID on the loyalty system VinID.

  • VIP Level: Select from the VIP levels list of values.

  • Nationality: Select from the Nationalities list of values.

  • Address: Enter the address of guest.

  • City: Enter the city.

  • Postal Code: Enter the phone code.

  • Country: Select from the Countries list of values.

  • Phone: Enter the Phone Number of guest.

  • Email: Enter the Email of guest.

  • Website: Enter the URL of the website (if any).

  • Preference: Select the guest’s preferences from the Preferences list of values (Interest, Allergy, Belief, etc.)



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