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[Eng] Invoice List

Screen Name

Invoice List

Log in – Front Office – E-Invoice – Invoice List

Log in – PMS EInvoice – Invoice List


The screen allows you to manage the list of invoices in the system.


Fields Description

The list can be filtered by the following criteria:

  • Invoice Number: Enter the number of the invoice

  • Confirmation Number: Enter the confirmation number

  • Company Name: Enter the name of the Company for that the invoice is issued

  • Customer Name: Enter the name of the customer on the invoice

  • Type: Type of the invoice

    • Publish: Invoices that are issued

    • Adjust Info: Invoices that need to be adjusted

    • Adjust Reducing: Invoices that need to be adjust reducing

    • Void: Invoices that are canceled

  • Processing State:

    • Processing: Invoices that are in process

    • Success: Invoices that are issued successfully

    • Adjusted (only apply for the invoices having the original status = Publish): Invoices that are adjusted

    • Pending: Invoices that are pending because there is an issue during the issuance. You can re-issue by clicking on the button “Retry”

  • Invoices (From-To): Enter the date range

Search results

  • Action

  • Type: Type of the invoice

  • Processing State: State of the invoice

  • #: Order Number

  • Invoice Date: Date when issue the invoice

  • Customer: Information about the Customer

  • Company: Company that you want to issue the invoice

  • Tax No: Tax Number of the Company

  • Email: Email address to send the invoice

  • Confirmation: Confirmation Number

  • Reference: Reference information if any

  • Secret Number: Secret Number of the invoice

  • Created Date: Created Date of the invoice



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