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[Eng] Miscellaneous

Screen Name


Log in – Property Management – Miscellaneous Setting - Miscellaneous


Hotel/Resort Extra Services Catalog


Fields Description

List of products and miscellaneous services:

  • #: Order number

  • Name: Name of the services

  • Transaction Code: Code of the transaction associated with the services

  • Transaction Group Code: The transaction code group corresponds to the services type

  • UOM: Unit of measure

  • Status: Status of the services (Active/Inactive)

  • Action:

    • Edit: Edit the details of the services

    • Delete: Delete the services

User can search for services using the search box with keywords

User can filter services that are currently active or inactive

It allows user to adjust the number of services displayed per page

Add a new service/ Edit a service

  • Code: Code of the services

  • Name: Name of the services

  • Post Charge: Transaction code associated to the services when posting charge

  • Status: Status of the services (Active/Inactive)

  • UOM: Unit of measure

  • Description: Description of the services


The system will prompt an alert when deleting a service.

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