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[Eng] Open Balance All

Report Name

Open Balance All

Log in – Front Office – Reports – Open Balance All

Report Summary

The report displays the current balance on the guest’s folio (for the arrival guests as well as in house guests). The details of folio will be displayed on each row so the same room can appear many times in the report.

Report Filter

  • Individuals: Only displays the balance for individual reservations

  • Group Booking: Only displays the balance for group reservations

  • All: Displays for all reservations

  • Sort By: Sort by Room Number, Balance

  • Export Type: Choose the format that you want to export the report (PDF or Excel)

Report Form

Column Description

  • Room No.: Room Number assigned to the reservation

  • Name/Block Code: Name of the Guest/Company/Travel Agent/Block Code

  • Arrival: Arrival Date assigned to the reservation

  • Departure: Departure Date assigned to the reservation

  • Prs.: Number of people reserved

  • Debit: Amount of debit to the guest's account

  • Credit: Amount of credit to the guest's account

  • Balance: Total balance on the guest’s account

  • Rate Amount: Rate Amount of the reservation



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