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[Eng] Overview

The FnB system operates on a Cloud environment with clients directly connected to the Internet, including:

POS system:

In charge of cashier's recognition, billing, printing end-of-day reports, printing invoices for customers

A POS system consists of the following devices:

  • POS machine: use Android POS with model XXXXX, this POS machine has Wifi or Wired connection to the Router system that can connect to the internet

  • Built-in printer in POS: in each POS machine there is already a thermal printer. This printer is used to print end of day reports. Note that this printer uses 8cm . thermal paper

  • NFC Reader: Connect to POS system via USB port: used to identify card manager (NFC Reader must have HID function a.k.a Emulate Keyboard to be able to automatically send Card ID to the screen via Keyboard simulator)

  • Receipt printer: using Epson TM-U295, need a converter cable from LPT-25 to DCOM9 – USB port and connect to POS system via USB port

Captain Order System:

Includes a network printer located in the kitchen to transfer orders to the kitchen

A Captain Order system includes:

  • 1 or more printers connected to the network.

  • The system is using Epson TM-U220 with dot matrix printing.

** Setup requirements: this printer must be set up static IP. This IP parameter needs to be updated to the Web Admin system, this IP must be able to connect to the POS IP system.

Remote Order System:

Includes Android Tablets that can be used to record orders without having to use the POS system. This Remote Order system can work with or without network

Currently using Lenovo 7" Android tablets. These tablets must have a wifi connection that can connect to the POS system, the Internet and the Captain Order system.

Admin System:

Take care of setting Menu, update system settings, update Manager tab etc..


  • An Internet-connected computer with Browser: Chrome or Firefox

  • In case you need to set up the Manager card, you need an NFC Reader connected to the computer via the USB port

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