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[Eng] Package Control - PCM (Manage the authentication of meals)

Outstanding function overview

  • Authentication speed is less than 1s for all card swipes

  • Works without a network connection

  • Swipe the card once for group guests, roommates

  • Use on all mobile devices, tablets running Android operating system, VOS

Swipe card, check guest meal information

Card Reader status

Success status

Failure status

Complete status

When successfully swiping the card, the system automatically changes the status of the guest and gives an audible notification

The system vibrates and shows FO comment. Users can still manipulate the manual state transition for guests

Check the jack with a card reader

The system suggests information of the guests in the group

Information search and manual bookmarking

Failed card swipe statuses

  • Invalid card: The card has not been assigned / the card has been assigned to the guest but is in a reserved state / swiped the card has a double id or only a part of the card id is taken

  • No meal package

  • It's not time/overtime Shift time

  • Guests have eaten

Guest Statuses

  • Guests have not eaten yet

  • Guest have eaten: Record the time and show it in green

  • Guest do not eat meals: Show an "x" in the name of the meal

Status Disallowed Mark a guest who has had a manual meal

  • Guests have eaten: Displays the time when the guest swiped the card

  • Not yet/overtime Shift time: No "check" sign to mark

Check details of customer's package information

List of guests by meal

Package by guest details

Check card information




Some common errors and solutions

  1. Sync error / failed to swipe card

The system works offline, will require manual synchronization after a period of use. Only when the data sync is successful can the card be swiped. If there is a sync problem, please exit the application completely, check the network connection and try again

  • Guest list is stored on the device when offline for 24 hours

  • At the time of swiping the card, the device will automatically send background information to the server to ensure that the data is stored in a timely manner. In case the network is weak, it will automatically resend after connecting to the network, the user does not have to do anything else

2. The keyboard doesn't show up when searching

The reader is considered a physical keyboard connection, so when connected to the device, it will automatically hide the virtual keyboard. Processing steps (only need to do it once):

  1. Scroll down from the notification bar > Select Configure physical keyboard (or: Settings > System > Language and input > Physical keyboard)

  2. Enable Show virtual keyboard option

  3. Return to the application and search operation

Or it can be handled quickly by unplugging the reader.

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