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[Eng] Plan

Screen Name


Log in – Application - Transportation – Plan


The screen allows to search, look up and manage car booking requests on a specific day in the future, plan and arrange requests with corresponding pick-up times and then assign tasks to driver.


Fields Description


  • Filter by date

  • Search by task code or guest name

  • Filter Status

  • Filter by Transport Type:

    • Pick up

    • Drop off

    • All


The screen displays a list of booking requests by following sections:
Unassigned requests and Details of group requests by driver

  • Pick up

  • Drop off

  • Task Code

  • Guest Name

  • Pickup time

  • Pickup Location. With the type of task is "Pick up", the pick up location is the airport or pier / bus station, with the type of task is "Drop off", the pick up location is the hotel.

  • Pax

  • Vehicle type

  • Status:

    • New

    • In Progress

    • Hold On

    • Done

    • Complete

    • Cancel

Do following steps to assign/change drivers:

o Click button as picture below

o Select driver from drop down list as below:

→ Tasks will be assigned to driver

  • Quickly assign vehicle type for each booking request.

The screen allows selecting the type of transport for each task, editing vehicles, reselecting or deleting without going into the details of each task.

Select vehicle from drop down list as below:

  • The screen displays a list of vehicle types, selects the vehicle type, and then selects the car plate of vehicle type for the task.

o Corresponding to each type of vehicle such as 4 seats, 7 seats will be accompanied by a list of vehicles by license plate to choose from.

  • Do following step to update task detail:

Click on any task on the screen

Update and click “Submit



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