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[Eng] QRMenu - Setting


Manage QR Code

Log in – Food & Beverage – Configuration - QR Generator


All outlets have been automatically generated QR Code corresponding to the table code in outlet/restaurant. Here it is possible to check/deactivate/active tables/areas/outlets that the facility does not want to use QR Menu for the facility

In case of setting more about display mode, do the following steps:

Select menu → Click assign “FnB POS” → Click “QR Menu” in Display On Other Apps

Print all the corresponding QR Codes and use them according to the purpose of user’s needs. Naming of QR Code = Outlet/Area/Table Name


1. Open QR menu at Custom Menu

2. QR Generator



Fields Description

A. Summary:

  1. Outlet: sorted in order

  2. QR Quantity

  3. Action: Activate or Deactivate QR Menu

B. Detail:

  1. Floor

  2. Area

  3. Status

  4. Search

  5. Print QR Menu: Print all or print by selected


You need to pay attention to print QR correctly for the table


Guest use QR Menu to order

QR Code

Log in – Food & Beverage – Configuration - QR Generator


After printed the QR code corresponding to the table number - at the outlet and located in the most visible place. Guests use the phone's camera to scan the code and proceed to use the selection as follows:


  1. Select Menu

  2. Select Sub-menu (if any)

  3. Select item - Select option/Condiments/Note (if any)

    • Select number of item

  4. Click Add to Order

  5. Place Order” or “Add item +” on the right corner

  6. Re-do as step 1 if you want to add more items

  7. Place Order

    • View Order

    • Back to Menu

POS Device

  1. The order will be transmitted to the POS device (with notification) to the On-Hold section, the order taker need to go back to the table for confirmation.

  2. Oder taker send order to kitchen

  3. Do as normal FNB SOP


1. If using Android operating system, some models (phone/tablet) will need 3rd app to scan QR code

2. View order: Only view last order (in case of closing app, can not view the last order)

3. All orders by QR Code can not send directly to kitchen

4. Orders which had been placed cannot be edited by guest

5. When the order has been placed, the table number will be linked to the order


Manage QR Code

Open Link

Log in – Food & Beverage – Menu - Custom Menus


  1. QR Menu- Room service

    • 1. Configuration- Select Room service - outlet

    • 2. Edit - Select “Outlet Type” = Room Service

    • 3. Submit

  2. Click Menu - Edit Menu “Room Service”

    • 1. Select Display On Other Apps = QR Menu

    • 2. Update

  3. Create a QR code in Configuration- QR Generator as usual.

  4. Guest use QR Code - Room Service located in room as at outlet but room number and phone number are requirement fields for confirmation.

  5. The order will be transmitted to the POS device (with notification) to the On-Hold section, the SC/Receptionist/FO/RS need to confirm and the notification displays as picture below:

    • 1. SC/Receptionist/FO/RS need to confirm the order and payment detail for preparation.

    • 2. Send order to kitchen

    • 3. Serve as normal


  • Display On Other Apps: You can select where the QR codes displays (FnB POS, QR Code, Hotel app)

  • Only apply for properties available room service

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