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[Eng] Re-print

Screen Name


Log in – Configurations - Reports - Re-print


The screen displays re-print guest check/receipt report


Fields Description


  • Filter by outlet (All Outlets will be displayed by default)

  • Filter by transaction date (normal date from 00:00 to 23:59 )

    • By default, screen displays data of Transaction Date Yesterday

  • Print Type:

    • Guest Check: Temporary receipt - Provisional invoice

    • Receipt

  • Search: Search by check number, product group, name of employee performing Re-print

Report template

  • The report can be exported according to the selected filter in excel format by clicking the Export button.

  • Click check number to see the historical data

  • The screen is made up by following sections:

    • Re-print Type:

      • Guest Check: Provisional invoice

      • Receipt

    • Check ID

    • Outlet

    • Re-print Time

    • Employee

    • Copy No.: number of Reprints

    • Re-print Note

    • Check Total


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