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[Eng] Reservation - Hotel Profile

Report Name

Hotel Profile

Log in – Front Office – BI Reports – Reservation – Hotel Profile

Report Summary

The report shows the list of guest’s profiles in the property (exclude the canceled and no-show rooms)


  • Full Name: Last Name and First Name of the Guest

  • Date Of Birth: Birth date of the Guest

  • Gender: Gender of the Guest

  • Nationality: Nationality of the Guest

  • Id Card/ Passport No: Identity of the Guest

  • Card Type: Type of identity document

  • Card Issue Date: Issue Date of the Credit Card

  • Card Expired Date: Expiry Date of the Credit Card

  • Confirmation Number: Confirmation Number assigned to the reservation

  • Address: Address of the Guest

  • Address 1: Additional address of the Guest

  • Room No.: Room Number assigned to the reservation

  • Rate Amount: Amount of the rate code assigned to the reservation

  • Arrival Date: Arrival Date assigned to the reservation

  • Departure Date: Departure Date assigned to the reservation

  • Purpose of Stay: Purpose of stay associated with reservation

  • Staying Status: Status of the Guest

  • VIP Code: VIP Code of the Guest

  • Type: Type of guest (Main Guest or Sharer)

  • Itinerary Number: Itinerary Number

  • Block Code: Code of the Group Reservation

Refresh frequency

Every 30 minutes.



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