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[Eng] Reservation - Master Data Reservation

Report Name

Master Data Reservation

Log in – Front Office – BI Reports – Reservation – Master Data Reservation

Report Summary

The report displays the details of reservations for each stay date.


  • Agent Alias: Shorten name of the Travel Agent

  • Company: Name of the Company

  • Company Alias: Shorten name of the Company

  • Party Id: Itinerary Number

  • Group Code: Code of the Group reservation

  • Check in: Check-in date

  • Check out: Check-out date

  • Creation Date: Booking date

  • Number of Room: Total number of rooms

  • Room: Room Number assigned to the reservation

  • Room Type: Room Type assigned to the reservation

  • RTC: Room To Charge

  • Zone: Zone/Area in the property

  • Adults: Total number of adults

  • Children: Total number of children

  • Rate Code: Rate Code assigned to the reservation

  • Rate Amount: Room price by night

  • Balance: Total balance on the guest’s folio

  • Status: Status of the reservation

  • Purpose of Stay: Purpose of stay associated with the reservation

  • Package: Packages associated with the reservation

  • TA Rec Loc: Reservation Number on the Travel Agent’s booking system

  • Market: Market code

  • Booker: Name of the Booker

  • Booker Email: Email of the Booker

  • Booker Phone: Phone Number of the Booker

  • Cross Selling: Confirmation Number on the last property before transfer to this property

  • Guest Phone: Phone Number of the Guest

  • Guest Email: Email of the Guest

Refresh frequency

Every 30 minutes.


Because the report is displayed by staying date, a reservation can appear many times on the report if the reservation has more than 1 night.

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