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[Eng] Reservation - Missing Profile

Report Name

Missing Profile

Log in – Front Office – BI Reports – Reservation – Missing Profile

Report Summary

  1. The report shows the list of profiles that one of mandatory fields is missing. A profile is missing when:

  • Missing the Title

  • First Name/Last Name is “tba”

  • Missing the ID Card Number

  • Missing the Date of Birth or the value is wrong (date of birth < 1900-01-01 or > today)

  • Missing Gender

  • Missing Country or Nationality

The report excludes the profiles of the canceled and no-show reservations.

2. Indicators

  • Confirmation Number: Confirmation Number assigned to the reservation

  • Arrival Date: Arrival Date assigned to the reservation

  • Departure Date: Departure Date assigned to the reservation

  • First Name: First Name of the Guest

  • Last Name: Last Name of the Guest

  • Title: Title of the Guest

  • Room No.: Room Number assigned to the reservation

  • Phone Number: Phone Number of the Guest

  • Id Card/ Passport No: Identity Number of the Guest

  • Date Of Birth: Birthday of the Guest

  • Gender: Gender of the Guest

  • Email: Email of the Guest

  • Address: Address of the Guest

  • Country: Country of the Guest

  • Nationality: Nationality of the Guest

  • VIP Code: VIP Code of the Guest

  • Type: Type of guest (Main guest / Sharer)

  • Itinerary Number: Itinerary Number

  • Resv Status: Status of the Reservation

  • Staying Status: Status of the Guest

Refresh frequency

Every 30 minutes.



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