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[Eng] Shift

Screen Name


Log in - Front Office - Cash Register - Shift


The function allows you to manage the details of a cashier account. The shift of cashier is counted from the opening to the closure.

Steps to open a shift:

  1. Open cash register

  2. Login as cashier account

  3. Open Shift


Fields Description

Details of a cashier

  • Register ID: ID of the cashier

  • Name: Name of the cashier

  • Closure Session Ref: Number of the cashier’s session

List of transactions incurred during the shift:

  • Has balance: Only displays the transactions having a balance that is different to 0

  • Description: Code and description of the transaction

  • Cash/Check Received: Total amount of the charges transactions

  • Paid Out: Total amount of the payment transactions

  • Starting Balance: Total starting balance assigned to the cash

  • Counted: Actual cash at the closure of the shift by payment method

  • Balance: Total amount at the closure of the shift by payment method = Starting Balance + Cash/Check Received - Paid Out

  • Comment: Comment on the transaction (if any)

  • Action button: View the details of the transaction

    • Room: Room where the transaction incurred

    • Time - Date: Posting date time

    • Guest: Name of the Guest

    • Amount: Amount of the transaction

    • Reference: Reference information (if any)

    • User: Name of the cashier

    • Comment: Comment on the transaction (if any)

Close Shift

Select “Close Shift“ and type the password to close the cashier

  • Expected Balance: Total amount at the end of the shift (calculated by the system)

  • Actual Balance: Actual amount at the end of the shift (enter by the cashier)

  • Variance: Variance between the expected and actual amount

  • Password: Enter the password of the cashier

Select “Close“ to close the shift or “Cancel“ to cancel the action



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