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[Eng] State/Provinces

Screen Name


Log in >> Admin setting >> Setup >> Geography >> State/Provinces


The screen allows you to configure the list of State/Provinces


Fields Description

  • Thumbnail: Photo of the State/Province

  • Name: Name of the State/Province

  • Code: Code of the State/Province

  • Region: Region

  • Action:

    • Edit: Edit the amenity

    • Delete: Delete the amenity

    • Export: Export the configuration to PDF/Excel file

    • Create: Create a new amenity

    • You can filter by country or region

Create a new State/Province

  • Name: Enter the name of the State/Province

  • Code: Enter the code of the State/Province

  • Country: Select the Country

  • Region: Select the Region

  • Description: Enter the description of the State/Province

  • Thumbnail: Upload the photo of the State/Province

Select Submit to save the configuration.

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