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[Eng] Task management function

1. Create a new job

1.Click create new from the list

2. Select department

3. Enter required information

Click on the Create New icon in the bottom right corner to create a new job

Facility can manually configure more or less departments. We optimize the required information on the job of each different department

2. Update status/job information

  1. Job’s list

2. Job details

Allow filter to start work. Any filter options will be saved on the application.

Display rules:

  • Management: See all tasks and statuses

  • Employee: Only see the work they are in charge of

  • Select Start/Done to start/end work

  • Select On-Hold to pause the job. The system asks for a reason

Any changes in task detail will be automatically saved.

Role manager will change more information depending on the authorization

Enter a note for the task

Or you can upload images to make notes on the images for better interaction between departments

Add or remove missions. The mission list is configured in Config Task Management on the desktop

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