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[Eng] Transaction

Screen Name


Log in – Payment Management – Transaction


The screen allows you to manage the reservations that are purchased from the Mobile Application and the payment method.


Fields Description

List of incurred transactions:

  • #: Order Number

  • ITINERARY-NUMBER: Itinerary Number assigned to the reservation

  • PAYMENT-METHOD: Method of payment of the booking (the system only supports the payment via VN-Pay gateway).

  • BOOKING-STATUS: Status of the reservation

    • Active: The payment is successful

    • Inactive: The payment failed

    • Pending: The payment is pending

  • PAYMENT-STATUS: Status of payment on the system

    • Active: Paid

    • Inactive: Not Paid

  • EMAIL-STATUS: Status of the email confirmation of the booking

    • N/A: Email not sent

    • Sent: Email sent

    • Resend email

  • MANUAL: When a system problem occurs, the payment cannot be proceeded, the reservation staff should do it manually by selecting the “Commit” button.



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