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[Eng] Wake up calls

Screen Name

Wake up calls

Log in – Front Office – Phone call – Wake up calls


The screen allows you to create and manage the wake up calls on the system, as well as update and follow the status of the call to have an appropriate action when needed.


Fields Description

The walk-up call contains the following information:

  • Room no.: Room Number. You can select different room numbers to follow the history of the calls.

  • Name: Name of the Guest, used in case there is a room move on the system.

  • Date: Created date of the wake-up call.

  • Group Code: Code of the group reservation, in case of setting up the wake-up calls for the group reservations

  • Status: Status of the call

    • All: Displays all the status

    • Pending: Displays the calls having status Pending

    • Completed: Displays the calls that have been successfully made

    • No Answer: Displays the calls that are made but did not receive the answer of the guests.

    • Cancel: Displays the calls that are canceled

Select the button “Create” to add a new wake-up call

  • Create wake-up call for individual guest:

Select one or many rooms to create the call in a specific time slot.

  • Create wake up call for group reservation:

Select the group code and the room numbers in the group to set up the call.

Time: You can select the time slot by the calendar or enter directly in the input field.

Date: Date when the call will be made.

No.days: Number of days to make the call, counted from the Date.

To: End Date of the call. This field is calculated automatically depending on the No. Days

Note: Comment on the call (if any)

Submit: Confirm adding the call.

Cancel the wake-up call

You can select the calls that you want to cancel. Click the button Cancel to remove the calls from the list.


The maximum number of wake-up calls allowed depends on the phone call system of each property.

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