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[ENG] Asset Attributes

Screen Name

Asset Attributes

Login - Asset Management - Asset Configuration - Asset Attributes


The screen displays the entire list of asset attributes of the property.


Fields Description

I. Asset attribute filter and search conditions.

  • Search section: Users enter search information in the search box, supporting search by "Attribute code" or "Attribute name".

  • Display format: Select dropdown display formats, such as selection or color.

  • Automatic creation mechanism: Select automatic mechanisms such as dynamic, immediate, or none.

II. Asset attribute information fields.



III. Main functions:

  • (1) Create new asset attribute: When creating a new asset attribute, users use the "Create" function on the asset attribute list screen, and fill in all the marked information fields.

    • Attribute code: After saving, the system will automatically generate the attribute code.

    • Add value: Multiple values can be added to a asset attribute.

  • (2) Download asset attribute file: Users can use the download function to export all detailed information of asset attributes in excel format. The system will send the file to the user's email address and notification.

  • (3) Import asset attribute creation file: When creating a large number of assets, users can use the upload function.

  • (4) View detailed information of a asset attribute.

  • (5) Edit asset attributes: Users can edit information such as attribute name, display format, and automatic creation mechanism.

  • (6) Delete asset attributes: Users can delete asset attributes that are no longer needed.

    • Multiple asset attributes can be deleted at once.



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