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[ENG] Model Templates

Screen Name

Model Templates

Login - Asset Management - Asset Configuration - Asset Model Templates


The screen displays the entire list of asset model templates configuration.


Fields Description

I. Filter and search conditions

  • Asset group: Select the asset group.

  • Machinery and equipment: Select the type of machinery and equipment.

  • Depreciation method: Select the depreciation methods.

  • Attributes: Select the attributes

  • Clear all: Clear all previously selected filter conditions.

II. Information fields:

  • Name

  • Asset group

  • Machinery and equipment

  • Depreciation method

  • Attributes

  • Last modified date

III. Main functions:

  • (1) Create a new asset model template: users can use the "Create" function on the asset model template list screen and fill in all the marked information fields.

  • (2) Export : Download the entire list of product lines in Excel format.

  • (3) Import: When creating multiple asset models at once, users can use this function.

  • (4) View details: Users can choose to view details to see general information and documents of the asset model template.

  • (5) Edit asset model template: Users can edit information fields similar to the new asset model template creation step.

  • (6) Delete asset model template: When a product line is no longer needed, users can delete it or choose to delete multiple lines at once.



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