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[ENG] Stock-take Report

Screen Name

Stock-take Report

Login – Asset Management – Stock-take – Inventory Report


The screen manages the entire list of Inventory Report of the facility


Fields Description

I. Filter and search Inventory Report

  • Search: Users can search by inventory session code

  • Department: Select department.

  • Status: Inventory plan status.

    • Draft: Create an unfinished inventory report, which can be adjusted and edited.

    • Reviewing: After selecting the review and approval order, the user operates the browser, and the report status will be under review. In this state, the selected reviewer will enter the report to approve/reject the report.

    • Rejected: The report status is rejected when the reviewer/approver rejects the report.

    • Submitted: After the reviewer approves the report, the report status will be changed to Browser.

    • Closed: After the approver approves the report, the report status will be changed to Closed. This status indicates that the inventory report has been completed.

  • Time: Select the time range to search for inventory reports.

  • Clear all: Clear all previously selected filters.

II. The fields for Inventory Report

Click on "Display" to tick the fields of information that the user wants to show

III. The main functions

  • Create Report:

    • To create an inventory report after the inventory session is closed, the user needs to access the inventory results.

      (1) Edit work order: When the inventory report is in Draft status and the inventory results have assets in status B, C, or D that need to be addressed, the user needs to create a work order to repair and fix these asset conditions

      • After entering the required information with asterisks and selecting Save, when the inventory report is in Closed status, the work orders will be automatically generated.

      • In case there are too many asset codes in status B, C, or D that require automatic work order creation, the user can choose to Download the template file and fill in the information (Note: enter the correct date format and ensure that the entire file is in text format) and then select Upload to import the information and create the work orders automatically.

    • (2) Import: When there are many assets with quantity discrepancies on the system compared to reality, the user can choose Import-> Export template result file -> Fill in all the necessary information to explain the reasons for the discrepancies -> select 'Choose file' to import the explanation of the discrepancies.

    • (3) Export: Select Export detailed inventory results file in excel format.

      • Explanation of discrepancies:

        • Yellow rows: The actual quantity of inventory assets is greater than the quantity of assets on the system.

        • Pink rows: The actual quantity of inventory assets is less than the quantity of assets on the system.

    • Report distribution: Select the department to receive the report, select the name of the report recipient, and select 'Add' to add the recipient.

    • Approval Flow: The approval flow includes the approver and the reviewer.

      • Select 'Add' to add multiple approvers or reviewers, but they must approve in the correct order of the approval flow.

    • Select “Submit” to complete the steps for creating a report.



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