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[Eng] Work Orders Schedules

Screen Name

Work Orders Schedules

Login - Plant Maintenance - Work Orders Schedules.


The screen displays the entire list of work orders schedules


Fields Description

I. Filter and search conditions for work orders schedules:

  • Search: Users can search by plan code or plan name.

  • Status: work orders schedules have the following statuses:

    • Draft: Users can edit information or delete the plan.

    • Submitted: This status does not allow editing. Users can approve or reject the plan.

    • Approved: This status is when the approver has approved the plan.

    • Rejected: The approver rejected the plan. In this status, users can edit the information and resubmit for approval.

    • Pending: When users edit an approved work orders schedules but have not resubmitted for approval.

  • Approver: Select the name of the approver.

  • Work Center: Select the department.

  • Clear all: Clear all previously selected filter conditions.

II. Main functions:

  • (1) Create a work orders schedule

    • (1) Create general information:

      • Enter a name

      • Select the year

      • Select the plan type by week or by day (if the department usually performs tasks by day, it is recommended to choose the plan type by day)

      • Select the department to do the plan.

      • Enter any description if available.

      • Upload related information about the work orders schedules details.

    • (2) Create an schedule: There are 2 ways to create an schedule

      • If only a few schedules need to be created, users can select the "Create" button to create the schedule directly on the system. Note to enter all the marked information fields. Select repeat by time in case these tasks are repeated many times in a year.

      • If creating multiple schedules at once, users should select the "Import" button to get the import template, then enter the complete information and select the uploaded file to import into the system.

      • Enter all the yellow-highlighted information fields, each sheet has complete information related to the task list, functional area, or team performing the tasks of the property. Note to export the correct template for the property that needs to create the schedule to have the most accurate data.

      • After creating the schedule, users can select "Export" to download the schedule in Excel format to review before submitting for approval.

    • (3) Submit work orders schedules for approval:

      • Select "Add" to add the work orders schedules approver. Multiple approvers can be added for a plan, but the approver must approve in order of step 1, 2, ....

      • Select "Submit" to complete the ask for approval step.

    • (4) Approve work orders schedules:

      • After the plan creator submits for approval, the system will notify the approver in the notification bell to approve/reject the work orders schedules

      • The approval flow will display information when the approver has approved/rejected.

      • The approval history will display complete information about the approval/rejection time of the approver.

    • After approval, the work orders schedules will be in the approved state. In this state, the plan is completed and the work order will be generated the next day (depending on the configuration of the work order generation).

  • (2) View work orders schedules details: Similar to the information in the work orders schedules creation section, viewing the details of a plan is the same, but users do not have the right to edit

  • (3) Export: Quickly download the schedule of the work orders schedules in Excel format.

  • (4) Other functions: Edit the work orders schedules in case the plan is in the approved state and the user has permission to edit.

    • Users can delete the schedule if the work order has not been generated yet.

    • Edit the time in case the work orders have not been processed by the user.

    • Create additional schedules for the work orders schedule, similar to creating a new schedule in the work orders schedules creation step.

    • In case users want to stop this plan, do not want the system to automatically generate new work orders from this plan, users can edit the schedule and select the end date to repeat as today.

    • After editing the execution schedule, users select "Save and continue" to submit the plan for approval again. Users can keep the previous approver or delete the previous approver information to select a new approver.

    • The approver must approve this plan again for the system to update the changes from this plan. If the user does not submit for approval again, this plan will be in a pending state and the work orders will be temporarily suspended.



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