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[Eng] Card List

Screen Name

Card List

Log in – Ticket Office – Card Inventory Management


This screen allows users to configure card information to manage and control customer access to the gate. This feature enables businesses to track and monitor customer access, ensuring that only authorized customers are allowed entry.


Fields Description

[To search and filter the list of cards, follow these steps]

  • The user enters the card code information to search for the desired card

  • Filter by card type, since the theme park is currently only using one type of card, the filter for card type may not be necessary. However, if the theme park were to introduce additional card types in the future, this filter could be useful for managing and organizing the card inventory.

  • Filter by status, the card inventory may include the following status options:

    • Available: Cards that are in stock and available for use.

    • In use: Cards that have been issued to customers and are currently in use.

    • Locked: Cards that have been reported lost or stolen and have been locked to prevent unauthorized use.

→ Select “Search” to proceed

[To create and edit card information, follow these steps]

  1. To add a new card to the inventory:

    • At the card list screen, select the 'Add new' button to add a new card to the inventory

    • (1) The user can input the card code by either tapping the card or manually entering the code.

    • (2) The entered or tapped card codes will be displayed in the card list section.

    • (3) Select the desired card type from the available options

    • → Click on the "Confirm" button to finalize the creation of the new card.

  2. To edit a card, follow these steps:

    • The user can select the edit icon :chỉnh_sửa: at the end of the row that needs to be edited to perform the necessary changes

    • To change the card type, select the desired card type, and then click on the 'Save' button.

  3. To delete a cards, follow these steps (Cards can only be deleted when they are in the 'Available' status)

    • The user can select the checkboxes next to the card information that needs to be deleted

    • Then select “Delete Card”



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