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[Eng] Card Search/Check Out

Screen Name

Card Search/Check Out

Log in – Ticket Office – Card Search/Check Out


This screen allows to manage card/account information and the functions of check out and card exchanges.


Fields Description

[Search and filter card accounts]

  • Search: Users can either tap the card on the card reader to retrieve the card code information or directly enter the card code or phone number to perform a search.

  • Advanced Search: Select :lọc: to display the card account filtering screen.

    • Filter by card usage time.

    • Card account status: In use/Returned.

  • Functions:

    • Check out: The user selects the icon :trả_thẻ: at the end of the line of the card code. Then select “confirm” to complete the card return operation.

    • After confirming the card return:

      • The card will be transferred to the Available status

      • For each card, the system will print a QR code ticket for the customer to exit through the ACM (Automated Check-out Machine). The customer can simply swipe the ticket at the ACM to exit the checkout area.

    • Card Exchanges: In case a customer loses their card or needs to replace a damaged card, the user can select the icon :đổi_thẻ: to initiate the card replacement process.

      The user scans or enters the new card code, then enters a note explaining the reason for the card replacement to proceed. Select "Confirm" to complete the process.

    • Card Details: The user directly selects the card code to view detailed information.



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