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[Eng] Counter configuration

Screen Name

Counter configuration

Log in – Ticket Office – Utility configuration – Counter configuration


This screen allows users to configure employee computers to the corresponding counter, enabling them to perform various tasks at the counter. These tasks may include processing transactions, managing inventory, generating invoices, and providing customer service.


Fields Description

  1. List of configured counters: Displays all available counters

  2. To configure a counter, follow these steps:

    • When a new computer has not been configured for a counter, the system will display a notification as soon as the user logs in to the system.

    • The user selects ‘Configure counter’ and if the counter has not been created, the user will select 'Create counter' to create a counter in the system

    • the user selects 'Set device name' Then, they choose the counter name they want to configure and confirm the selection to complete the process.

    • After completing the counter configuration, the counter name will be displayed on the homepage screen.

    • If the user wants to remove the configuration for a particular counter, they can select the reset icon :refresh:



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