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[ENG] Board

Screen Name


IOS, CHPlay - CiOwner – Board


Search and manage detailed information of bookings that have occurred in the system, displaying the information in a grid format with intuitive and convenient colors for users


Fields Description

(1) Search reservation: Users can search reservation information by entering itinerary code, confirmation code, room number.

(2) This feature allows displaying all current room statuses on the system, including Inhouse, Reserved, Available, Monthly, Daily and Dirty. Users can select the room status, and the system will display all rooms with the corresponding status that the user has selected.

  • Select the room status you want to view.

(3) Room plan & Room status:

Click on the room number to change the room status: clean room, dirty room, out of order.

  • Clean: Clean room, can assign room to guests.

  • Dirty: Dirty room, needs cleaning.

  • Out of order: Room not available for sale, needs repair or keep for guests

Note: Users can swipe down the screen to refresh the room diagram

At the "Room Board" screen, users can create a new booking by clicking on any Available room to create a new booking corresponding to the selected room information.



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