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[ENG] E-invoice

Screen Name


Login - Accountant - E-invoice


The screen displays all e-invoices of the hotel.


Fields Description

(1) Filtering and searching for e-invoice information

  • Search: Users can search for e-invoices by invoice code information, customer information.

  • Customer tax code: Enter the customer's tax code to search.

  • Select the invoice issuance date range to perform a quick search.

(2) Information fields

  • #: The order number of the e-invoices.

  • Invoice code: E-invoice code.

  • Buyer: Displays buyer information on the e-invoice.

  • Customer information: Displays customer information on the e-invoice.

  • Invoice information: Displays invoice information on the e-invoice.

  • Total: Displays the total amount of the invoice.

  • Invoice issuance date: Displays the invoice issuance date on the e-invoice.

  • Details: Select the icon :chi_tiết: to view e-invoice details.



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