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[ENG] Profile CiOwner

Screen Name


IOS, CHPlay - CiOwner – Profile




Fields Description

(1) Personal information:

  • Change avatar: Click on the “Change avatar” button to upload a new picture or choose one from your device's gallery

  • Users can change their personal information such as name, email by click on the option to enter the new information or update the existing information

(2) Select a hotel that needs to be managed.

(3) Notifications:

Users can view booking notifications from guests here

When selecting any notification, the system will display the detailed information of a booking

(3.1) Guest information: the hotel owner can edit the guest information

(3.2) General Infor:

  • Iti No: The itinerary code of the guest's stay.

  • Confirmation number: The booking confirmation code

  • Booking Type: Hourly or daily room.

  • Room type: The details of the room type that the guest has booked.

  • Room number: The room number of the bookings

(3.3) Main guest info: Click on :chỉnh_sửa: button to edit guest information such as name, phone number, and email

(3.4) Payment status: Display the payment status information of the booking

Pre payment: Do the following steps to enter the paid amount (pre-payment)

  • 1) Click on the amount in the 'Pre-Payment' row → The system will display the Payment screen

  • (2)

    • The current price is the amount that the guest has paid before.

    • The changed price is the amount that the guest pays additionally.

  • (3) Select the payment method: cash, card payment, online payment, e-wallet payment, or bank transfer.

  • (4) Note: Enter notes related to the amount paid by the guest.

  • (5) Select 'Save' to save the changes.

(3.5) Guest’s requests: Click on the icon :edit: to enter notes

(3.6) Contact guest: Customers who use the CiTravel booking application can directly message the hotel where they are staying

(3.7) Add transaction: Service fee during hotel stays having additional details for customers to pay

  • (1) Enter the quantity of items available on the system that the guest has used during their stay

  • (2) Select “Add other service” to add items that are not available on the system or additional expenses that the guest has used during their stay.

(3.8) Check out:

  • Step 1: Select 'Check-out'.

  • Step 2: Enter the quantity of items used by the guest or add new items if they arise during the guest's stay. Similar to the steps for adding other expenses in section 4.

  • Step 3: Select the payment method.

  • Step 4: Review the detailed invoice, then select “Check-out” to complete the check-out process.

(4) Messages

Display and manage all messages from customers to hotel owners during their stay at the hotel.

(5) App Settings

(1) Turn on/off the button to enable/disable the feature that allows customers to message the hotel through the app

(2) Click on Language to switch to Vietnamese/English



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