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[ENG] Reservation

Screen Name



The screen displays the entire list of bookings that have occurred in the system and categorizes them based on their status:

All: Includes all bookings filtered by arrival date.
Arrivals: Bookings expected to arrive within the selected date range.
In-house: Bookings that are currently checked-in.
Checkout: Bookings that have checked-out within the selected date range.
Canceled: Bookings that have been canceled within the selected date range.
Waiting confirm: Bookings that are awaiting confirmation.
No-show: Bookings that were made but the guest did not show up.


Fields Description

Users can use filters with the following conditions:

  • Text box: Users can search for bookings by guest name, room number, confirmation code, or itinerary code.

  • Filter by bookings type: by hour, by day, by week, or by month.

  • Filter by status: Arrivals, In House, Checked-out, or Canceled.

  • Filter by payment status: Paid or Unpaid.

  • Filter by arrivals date: Select the check-in date range that the user wants to search.

  • Filter by check-out date: Select the check-out date range that the user wants to search.

Guide to the displayed contents on the reservation screen as shown below:

(1) Add/remove the displayed information fields on the reservation screen.

  • This function allows to enter the name of the field to be searched.

  • Tick or untick the information fields that need/ do not need to be displayed.

(2) Details of the information fields displayed on the booking screen.

  • #: The sequence number of the booking.

  • Iti No: The itinerary code of the guest's stay.

  • Confirmation number: The booking confirmation code/

  • Guest name: The name of the guest.

  • Person: The number of guests staying for each booking.

  • Booking Type: Hourly or daily room.

  • Room type: The details of the room type that the guest has booked.

  • Room number: The room number of the bookings. If the room is not assigned, the user needs to assign a room.

  • Arrival: The date the guest checks in.

  • Departure: The date the guest checks out.

  • Special requirements: Display the special requests of the guest.

  • Source: The source of the booking.

  • Currency: The currency unit to be paid.

  • Total payment: The total amount of room sales.

  • Guest’s payment: The total amount the guest has to pay.

  • Commission: The amount to be paid to the room sales channels.

  • Discount (Promotion): The promotion code, if any.

  • Discount (at hotel): The amount the guest is discounted at the hotel, if any.

  • Tips: The amount the guest tips the hotel staff.

  • Status: The booking confirmation status.

  • Payment status: Display the payment status information of the booking.

  • Details: Select to view the booking details of each booking.



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