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[ENG] Reservation - CiOwner

Screen Name


IOS, CHPlay - CiOwner – Reservation


The screen displays the entire list of bookings that have occurred in the system and categorizes them based on their status:

Arrivals: Bookings expected to arrive within the selected date range.
In-house: Bookings that are currently checked-in.
Checkout: Bookings that have checked-out within the selected date range.
Canceled: Bookings that have been canceled within the selected date range.
Pending Payment: Bookings that are awaiting confirmation.
Paid: Bookings that have paid


Fields Description

Search & Filter:

  • Search reservation: Users can search reservation information by entering itinerary code, confirmation code, room number.

  • To filter bookings by date, users can select the date range they want to search for

The information fields on a hotel booking screen:



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